Life is an exciting journey filled with opportunities, challenges, and adventures awaiting us. Once we enter the earth as infants, we start creating memories with our loved ones. It also offers endless possibilities for growth, discovery, and fulfillment. 

Unfortunately, it’s not perfect, and we’ll face many bad times when we least expect them. While you may have different ways to cope with these situations, you may notice that highly sensitive persons (HSPs) handle pain better than others. However, they experience pain more intensely than others because of genetic mutations in neurotransmitters connected to stress and pain tolerance. 

This article will define what makes a highly sensitive person and explain why they recover quicker than others after disasters. 

What Is Environmental Sensitivity?

While individuals have a particular level of sensitivity, some are more sensitive than others. Approximately 30% of people are naturally born with higher emotional and physical sensitivity levels; scientists call it environmental sensitivity or Sensory Processing Sensitivity. You should remember that all three sensitivity levels are considered normal and healthy. About 40% of people are average in sensitivity, while 20% are low in sensitivity. 

Who Are Highly Sensitive People?

Individuals falling on the higher sensitivity scale are usually more sensitive to environmental factors like noises, smells, and textures. They typically pay attention to subtle details that others might not notice. They’re also naturally aware of others’ emotions, deep thinkers, and prioritize deep connections over superficial ones. Moreover, highly sensitive people are creative and empathetic. Additionally, some researchers link high sensitivity to giftedness. 

What Is the Scientific Explanation behind These Individuals?

Sensitive individuals usually get this trait naturally, which persists as they age. They can learn to cope with their intense thoughts and feelings and the overstimulation they face daily. Although highly sensitive persons may feel pain more deeply, they can use it to their advantage and make them more resilient in the long run. 

Why Are Highly Sensitive People More Resilient than Others?

It may seem surprising, but highly sensitive people are more resilient because they’re more aware of their surroundings and all kinds of environmental stimuli affect them. We constantly face various internal and external stimuli throughout the day, like a noisy workplace or our thoughts and feelings. Sensitive people are also more resilient during difficult times because they process all this information deeply. 

You should also know HSPs experience physical and emotional discomfort more intensely than non-HSPs. While these individuals go through a lot, they’re also tenacious and strong. Their ability to endure multiple daily stressors makes them capable of committing to challenging long-term trials. 

Are There Limits to the Pain They Feel?

Like everyone else, highly sensitive persons are also human and have a threshold for how much pain they can handle and willingly endure. When making life decisions, you must understand this limit and choose consciously. Although the pain and struggle they experience while working towards a long-term goal may eventually be worth it, it doesn’t mean they should stay in a harmful situation. 

How Can Difficult Times Benefit Highly Sensitive People?

Difficult situations can help them become stronger and more resilient. The more challenging something is, the more satisfaction they can feel from overcoming it. Even if they don’t achieve their initial goal, they can become more authentic and gain valuable experience. 

For instance, discovering that you can handle discomfort better than others may help you pursue physically-demanding passions like pole dancing and salsa. While you may experience more pain than others, you should be willing to make more significant sacrifices and commitments to achieve your goals. 


A highly sensitive person can experience discomfort more intensely than others, but it can help them become more empathetic and pursue their passions. You can support HSPs by practicing gentle communication and validating their feelings.

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