Gone are the days when sensitivity is deemed to be a weakness. Even in little boys and grown men, we now find that sensitivity is a strength that we must be delicate with. Read on as we share this basic guide on how to help sensitive boys.

Understanding the Heightened Sensitivity of Children

Some children are born with extremely sensitive neurological systems. They experience extreme anguish, love, despair, and happiness more than the average person. They may react quickly to irritation, or be more sensitive to scents and environmental changes. Beyond that, they are also sensitive to the pain of others. They have a deep inner life and may be easily bothered by noisy situations and abrupt changes.

We must nurture sensitive boys in a culture that stigmatizes them. Ted Zeff claims in his book The Strong Sensitive Male that sensitive males who do not conform to the usual “boy code” are commonly ostracized and ridiculed. Our culture expects boys to be aggressive and emotional, making boys have a particularly difficult time with sensitivity.

These boys may be able to overcome their hurdles and thrive with the right help. 

What You Can Do to Help a Sensitive Child

  • Provide a Healthy Atmosphere

The home of a youngster must be safe. Make your house a nurturing environment that is free of taunting and bullying from siblings, as well as loud parental disputes or conflicts. 

A healthy home may also involve family dinners, cooperative games, customs, and quality time. This should also be a space where the family can celebrate each child’s uniqueness.

As a parent, you must establish ground rules for decency and respect. When a child violates this rule, there should be a peaceful discussion on how he must work to repair the relationship.

  • Maintain Close Family Ties

A positive mother-son relationship is critical for all males, but especially for sensitive boys. After all, the mother must look after her fragile son. While peers, teachers, the media, and coaches will tell him he’s soft, you must assure him that he’s fine just the way he is. 

Some family bonding strategies include playtime, physical affection, laughter, positive affirmations, and dignified discipline.

One way to do this is to recognize your son’s achievements. Others will point out his flaws, so emphasize his favorable characteristics. Mothers must also educate their children on what is right, good, and true.

On the other hand, nasty discipline and harsh comments hurt children. Select connected discipline over physical or humiliating punishments. To keep your child safe, avoid permissiveness. He should be corrected gently.

  • Practice Emotional Regulation

Don’t make him feel abnormal or awful for having powerful feelings. Validate his experience without exaggerating. Sensitive men are more sensitive to all emotions than the other 80% of the population; thus, teach your son how to deal with his emotions.

An idea to help your youngster manage his or her emotions is to let them “time-in” and calm down within a matter of minutes. This kind of instruction will help them take deep breaths, relax in silence, journal, draw, and spend enough time with themselves. 

  • Encourage Boundary Setting

Perfectionists and people-pleasers are characteristics of sensitive youngsters. They go above and beyond to secure the happiness and comfort of others, although they can overextend themselves or put others’ demands ahead of their own on occasion. Teach youngsters that having imperfections is admirable and that setting limitations is not selfish.

As a parent looking to help a sensitive boy set boundaries, you must allow your son to be expressive and teach him to trust his instincts. You can also play “games” that simulate scenarios that call for responses on boundaries and whatnot, making the lesson easier and fun for him to understand.


Being a parent means being able to protect your child as you nurture him or her. As you go through this journey of helping your sensitive son, remember not to obstruct his personal development. Allow him to handle issues and ensure you’re there for him as he makes mistakes and learns.

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